Eltham, London SE9 is situated in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. It has a long history and is known world wide for its historic palace, which is one of London's most popular visitor attractions. 



Eltham Palace




There are good rail links to central London via London Bridge and easy access to the A2 and A20 for the M25.
Eltham High Street has a number of independent shops and national stores such as Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury.

farmers' market is held in Passey Place between 10am and 3pm on the third Sunday of every month.



Charges for Parking in Eltham High Street


This is one of the recent consultations which invited residents of Eltham to give their views. The Council is proposing to make changes to the parking arrangements in Eltham High Street, which include changing from half-hour short-stay bays to one-hour bays, for which there will be a charge, paid for by mobile phone. The introduction of a charge is in line with other areas and to recover the cost of supervision. This consultation was suspended and, at the date of this article (28th March 2012), the website editor has no further information. I suggest that interested people contact the Council through Paul Smith (020 8921 2284) or Peter Thorne (020 8921 3983) to find out more.


Future Planning Policy

Greenwich Council is preparing a new planning policy document called the Core Strategy. It will replace existing planning policies and the Council will use it to help shape development and determine all planning applications in the Borough. Policies are included on a range of topics: Housing, Economic activity and employment, Town centres, Design and heritage, Open space, Environment and climate change, Cohesive and healthy communities, Infrastructure including transport. Key features of the proposed strategy are explained in a document called the “Draft Core Strategy” which may be viewed online (at www.greenwich.gov.uk/corestrategy) or in printed form at any library or at Crown Building in Woolwich. You can view and comment on any of the topics that you want to. There will also be workshops on the topics covered and the Council are looking for people with particular knowledge to get involved in them. There are also a series of exhibitions coming up across the Borough where you can speak to the Council in person or get more information. Only one is in Eltham, at the Eltham Centre Library on Saturday 15th January 2011 between 10am and 2pm. For more information, you can contact the Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 0208 921 5343. Please take this opportunity to shape the future of your local Borough.


Eltham Lights Up 2011


This year’s event will take place on 17th November. Eltham High Street will be closed to traffic from 4 to 8pm. There will be live music and entertainment from 4.30 and the lights will be switched on at 6. Some shops will stay open late and there will be stalls in Passey Place selling produce and craft work from 9am to 7.30pm. The fire station will be open from 4.30 to 7pm. Please come and support our annual spectacle.


Great Get Together with Armed Forces Day

his was a splendid day, notable for lots of interesting displays, entertainment and stalls dispensing useful information. It was very well attended. CERA always tries to go to these events because we know that we will be able to improve our knowledge of what’s going on in the borough and gather information to pass on to our members. The attendance of a wide range of people from the services, both active and veterans, added both excitement and dignity.


Shopping in Eltham aided by ACE web site

The Town Centre web portal run by the Association of Commerce for Eltham (ACE) Can be found at www.aceltham.co.uk Shoppers can subscribe to the site for free in order to receive periodic emails on all the current special offers on offer from members of ACE. This is a great way of supporting local shops in our Town Centre.


London Open House weekend

Look out for news about this year’s programme for the annual Open House weekend, which gives people the opportunity to view examples of architecture all over London. See a host of both old and modern buildings and open spaces which are not normally open to the public. The date is the weekend of 18/19th September. Watch out for the booklet at libraries in due course or see the website “www.londonopenhouse.org”.


Supporting local businesses

For some years, CERA has maintained a list of businesses that have been recommended by its members. We pass the names on to other members who are looking for particular trades. This is similar to the scheme more recently started by the Consumer Association magazine Which?, which allows CA members to nominate and find local traders, including some in SE9. Anyone can nominate someone to go on our list. Please submit their name and contact details via the “Contact Us” page on this website. Make sure you have asked and received their permission before you do so. Anyone can send in names but only CERA members will be able to retrieve them. The information will be available by phone or e-mail from the addresses on the “Contact Us” page. Please remember that CERA will not hold any responsibility for the validity of the recommendation nor for the trader’s work. We always advise you to obtain three quotes and to make a thorough assessment before placing your order for works.


Docklands Light Railway coming to Eltham?


We’ve been waiting for this proposal ever since the DLR arrived at Woolwich Arsenal last year. No confirmation as to whether it will happen, or whether there is a better alternative, for example a link into the Jubilee Line. Either one could be good news for Eltham. A feasibility study is being prepared and we will keep you posted.


Public Transport - The East London Line


For many years, London Underground used to operate this railway between New Cross + New Cross Gate and Shoreditch. It is now part of Transport for London’s Overground system and has just been extended and very thoroughly modernised. Our nearest station is New Cross from where trains now run northward via Shoreditch to Dalston Junction. From nearby New Cross Gate station, they also run up to Dalston but also southward to Crystal Palace and West Croydon. The revamped line gives connections with National Rail and the Underground at several places. Further extensions are planned, from Dalston Junction to Highbury & Islington and from Surrey Quays to Clapham Junction. Unfortunately, it’s not coming to Eltham. We were told some years ago that there was insufficient capacity over existing railway tracks from New Cross towards us.


Avery Hill Park

The replacement café and toilets are complete and open. The design is far removed from the previous building but it certainly seems popular and the inside seating is a welcome retreat from wintry weather. Work on the Winter Garden is also progressing. Some of our members would like to see a return of the once-adjacent putting green plus easier access to the park along the Green Chain Walk from Conduit Meadows and Butterfly Lane, also from New Eltham. Let us know if you feel similarly and we will pass it on to Friends of the park. Some of our members have also been worried by the number of loose dogs near the café/playground area and along the approach walks. We will be keeping an eye on this on their behalf.


Friars Mews

We were among the objectors to an application for planning permission to build some family-size houses on a small plot of land amid this tranquil area, which has been designated as a nature reserve. Greenwich Council rejected the scheme but the developer appealed to the Planning Inspectorate. We sent an objection to the inquiry and we are pleased that the council’s decision has been upheld. We've also received a "thank you" letter from the residents of Friars Mews, expressing the hope that they can now continue their peaceful way of life there.



Community Hospital Development


The long-awaited planning application for the proposed community hospital was published on 22nd May 2012. Here is a reminder of what is planned. The site comprises Nos. 32-34 Passey Place, Eltham. 32 was most recently Eltham & Mottingham House nursing home plus some health facilities and 34 was a private house. The intention is to provide premises for two local GP practices, a GP walk-in service, 40 intermediate care/stroke beds, outpatient, diagnostics, minor surgery and community mental health services for residents of Eltham and surrounding areas. There has been an extensive programme of consultation since the proposals were first put forward. CERA supported the idea in principle. We participated, along with many other community groups and individuals, in studying the scheme and raising issues that would be important to our members. CERA will now be going through the formal planning application to see whether there are any issues that still need to be addressed. If you would like to see the full details of the planning application, visit the Royal Borough of Greenwich website at "www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk" and follow the options to the planning section. Don't forget that access can be obtained on the public computers at Eltham Library where there is also a printed copy for inspection. There are two planning references i.e. 12/0987/F and 12/0979/C."


Town Centre Master Plan


This is one of the recent consultations which invited residents of Eltham to give their views. The masterplan is in course of preparation and we hope that you all took the opportunity to contribute before the closing date of 9th March 2012. CERA will be telling its members more in due course. The final version will support the planning policy for the area. The ideas expressed in the draft document covered many of the things that CERA and its members were actively looking at and we are looking forward to see what the final document will include.


Recent Planning Issues

The website editor is waiting to hear the result of March planning applications, which are: LIDL - seeking to change the planning conditions of the store to allow deliveries to be made throughout the night. 111 HIGH STREET - application for change of use from A1 (retail - clothes shop) to A2 (Bank). 219 HIGH STREET - application for change of use from A1 (picture framing - outer edge) to Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio. 90A HIGH STREET - Gusella’s.


116 Eltham High Street

Delicio cafe and brasserie opened at the end of February.


29 Court Yard (next to Co-Op Pharmacy)

Woodnut Cafe opened at the end of March.


Environmental - Philipot Path

Earlier in 2011, local people raised concern about the state of this footpath, between Pound Place and Passey Place, due to pigeons, rubbish and litter. We decided it would be a good idea to form a group of interested parties, to improve the area. One idea was to convert the un-used plot of land behind Next into an allotment.



The local removals company put in an application in April 2010 for use of their yard, which is in Eltham High Street opposite Westmount Road, to park coaches. We had no objection to the operation of Whitewoods and the use of their yard for parking their own vehicles. However, we were concerned about the use of the yard for parking coaches and we put in an objection. Greenwich Council rejected the application and it went to appeal in January 2011. This appeal was withdrawn and a new application was submitted in June 2011 on the basis of Lawful Use. This was approved on the probability that the yard had been used for parking commercial vehicles, including coaches, for more than ten years.


Friars Mews

Since the last planning item we dealt with (see our “Earlier News” page), we have learned that the small piece of land at the back of Friars Mews has recently changed hands. As yet, we have no confirmation of what the new owner may want to use the land for and there has been no planning application. We will keep you in touch.


Grove Market Place and The King’s Arms PH.


Eltham Renaissance (ER) made a planning application in 2008 to redevelop the site, including residential units, large doctor’s surgery, pharmacy, convenience store and restaurants. The community raised a lot of concerns and Greenwich Council rejected the application but ER went to the Planning Inspectorate and got approval. Time passed. Towards the end of 2010, CERA members attended a public presentation plus meetings with ER and other local residents to find out about new plans for this site. We were told that several business hotel and supermarket operators had expressed interest in coming to Eltham and using part of the site. This had given ER an opportunity to alter their earlier proposal which now envisaged an 86-room hotel, a supermarket (rather than a convenience store), one café/restaurant, no GP surgery, 71 residential units above and 115 parking places underneath. CERA was obviously anxious to see how the new proposals took into account the views made in the past by the community and the council and whether we can at last welcome a development that will be an asset to the town. Design changes include reducing the height to 6 storeys at rear and 5 at front, moving the rear block back a little from Wythfield Road, covering in the loading area, toning down the frontage on the High Street side, measures to reduce the concern of local residents that they could be overlooked and their privacy compromised. Traffic impact featured strongly last time round and we confirmed that ER’s traffic consultant would meet with their opposite number on Greenwich Council to undertake a new detailed study. CERA asked to see the results so we could make our own analysis. Further details were yet to be formulated, including the actual layout within the development. CERA asked for more details before deciding what action to take. CERA still had concerns. We took soundings to gauge how people felt about the changes. In general, people felt that a hotel would be an asset to the town centre but were still unhappy about the size, bulk and lack of on-street parking. We understand that ER are still looking for ways of dealing with these issues.


Conservative Club Development


The Conservative Club building at the east end of Eltham High Street, together with the large area of land behind it, are a development project that we are interested in. The Club building itself is being refurbished and will feature an extension to the east end, in matching style, where part of the original building was demolished during wartime bombing. To the rear, their bowling green is being moved nearer the house and the two remaining old cottages (formerly stables) at the far end of the site are also being refurbished. We understand that the main building will incorporate a “community hall” but we are not sure whether this will be available for public hire. The new-build residential scheme is to be named Woodcroft Green. Progress is well under way on construction of twelve 3-bedroom and one 4-bed roomed houses, plus eight flats and car parking. The developers envisage a completion date of summer 2012; in the meantime, enquiries from prospective new owners can be made to Croudace on 0333 321 8929. At the planning stage, CERA studied the proposals for the development and voiced its concerns about access (to/from a very busy point on the already-busy Footscray Road), amount of traffic, impact of loss of specimen trees, loss of a fair bit of open space and over-development of the site. Councillors agreed the scheme. Croudace have confirmed that they will be replanting a number of trees, including seven to replace ones that died and were removed previously. We are watching to check that our concerns are being addressed. On the traffic issue, speed humps at the entrance to the new development may help slow down cars emerging onto Footscray Road. However, because of the current speed of traffic in this road we have asked for additional signage and speed monitors to be considered. We don’t yet have details of what signage is intended. A resident put forward a proposal for a mirror to be installed in Footscray Road to aid turning out of North Park. We understand that these mirrors are not favoured because they make oncoming traffic appear closer so could compromise road safety.


CERA voiced its concerns about access (to/from a very busy point on the already-busy Footscray Rd), amount of traffic, impact of loss of specimen trees, loss of a fair bit of open space and over-development of the site. Councillors agreed the scheme and demolition and site clearance and construction have started. Croudace have confirmed that they will be replanting a number of trees, including seven to replace ones that died and were removed previously. We will be watching to check that there is no loss of open space and whether the community hall will be available for public hire.


On the traffic issue, there are going to be speed humps at the entrance to the new development and this may help slow down cars emerging onto Footscray Road. However, because of the current speed of traffic in this road we have asked for additional signage and speed monitors to be considered. We don’t yet have details of what signage is intended. A resident put forward a proposal for a mirror to be installed in Footscray Road to aid turning out of North Park. We understand that these mirrors are not favoured because they make oncoming traffic appear closer so could compromise road safety.


Parking and traffic problems

Traffic and parking issues continue to demand a great deal of our time. Earlier this year, we made comments on the review of the Eltham Centre Controlled Parking Zone and supported residents of Roper Street at the Highways Committee to gain them better parking in the road. We continue to have concern about the increased cost of residents’ parking permits and feel the rise in the price will deter residents from applying for permits.

Our main concern in the High Street is the junction with Footscray Road. We are currently monitoring how the new pedestrian refuge affects traffic turning from one road into another. A resident has flagged up the whole area around the Sainsbury’s petrol station, where queuing cars regularly block the pavements and spill out onto Footscray Road and Messeter Place. There are several other traffic related issues with Footscray Road, including those associated with the development at the rear of the Conservative Club, presently being undertaken.

Parking in North Park is a problem we have been working on for a number of years. We can report that the council have sent draft proposals for a restricted zone to the Department of Transport. The zone will have marked parking bays which will be enforced. This is a good option, it will make getting out of driveways easier and safer. Although there will need to be signage advising of the restrictions, there will be no yellow lines which means that the impact on the conservation area will be minimal. When the bays are put in, we will monitor the effect they have on parking in Greenacres. We understand that residents there are considering several options to control the town centre parkers who currently park on their estate.


Loss of shops and businesses in the Town Centre


There have been quite a few changes but we are still obviously concerned about the number of empty shops. Some have been vacant for a long time and there are some we’re unsure about because they have front shutters but no signs to confirm one way or the other. What other shops do you want in the High Street? There are some long term spaces, which could easily accommodate some of the trades we’ve lost over the years. Let us know your thoughts on what type of shop will stimulate Eltham and keep it flourishing. Why not follow your committee’s example of looking at shops you pass in your travels, which might want to open here.


Eltham High Street Pedestrian Safety Scheme

We made comments at the consultation stage in 2010 on the changes to the layout of the High Street. The changes are in place, comprising two new pedestrian crossings with narrowed roadway, changes to road markings and railings. The proposal to install a mini-roundabout at the junction with Footscray Road is no longer being pursued. We are still seeing delays and hazards caused by inconsiderate parking and traffic behaviour, which we will also monitor closely. Do let us know what you think about the changes. Only time will tell if these measures improve traffic flow, pedestrian movements and safety.


The Orangery

It’s good to know there are new plans to bring the important Grade II* building back into use. The proposals envisaged a spacious extension on the west side, to provide accommodation for business and office units. CERA recognises that there would need to be an additional building to provide enough space to make the scheme viable but we did not like the proposed plans. We did make representation to the planning committee about the fact that the new extension did not pick up any of the architectural features of the Orangery but the developer advised the committee that they had been advised by English Heritage not to mimic original buildings when creating new designs such as they had in mind. Unfortunately, none of our comments were taken on board. Planning permission was granted in March 2010. To date, there has been no further movement.


Eltham Fitness Centre at Elm Terrace

Agreement was given in 2008 to build town houses and flats. CERA had reservation about the parking provision because this is such a difficult location. The site remains un-cleared. We are still awaiting further news as to when the developer will be ready to proceed. We are also monitoring this application in case it expires.


The former Eltham Pools

This residential development includes 78 self-contained flats, of which 22 units will be for people aged 50 plus. There will be a total of 78 parking spaces and 78 spaces for cycles. The design of the building is uninspiring - the height of the blocks has been staggered from 2 up to 6 storeys. Among the finer details we will be looking at are the future of the stained glass panels and art deco work that were a feature of this building at the edge of the CERA area.


Coronet Cinema (formerly Well Hall Odeon)

Work continues apace on the forty-five 1-3 bedroom apartments included in this development, of which thirty are affordable homes. The intriguing hoarding round the original part of the site deserves a look as you pass by. It features a long queue of punters which indicates how popular the cinema was in the past. The site includes a Tesco Express store, facing Well Hall Road, which is now open. Work on the main cinema building is to follow. Although this project is outside the CERA area, it is important for Eltham, including the effect the supermarket may have on town centre businesses, and leisure facilities which may benefit local residents. We will keep in touch with how the work is going and that the leisure facilities to be provided are what we expected.



CERA is keen for its members to raise matters that concern them, to write articles about local life that could interest readers of our website or newsletter, and to give their views in surveys and questionnaires that it publishes from time to time. We also welcome enquiries from non-members for information before they join.

Our Street Representatives:
We have a volunteer Street Representative in most of our roads and their contact details are published to existing members. Residents who want to join CERA may obtain this information from one of your neighbours or by contacting us as shown below. Street Reps will usually be able to deal with matters or pass them on to someone else.

Both members and non-members can contact us at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also use our dedicated telephone line, which has an answering machine in case no one is available to take your call. The number is 020 8265 1155.

However you would like to contact us, we will acknowledge your enquiries as soon as we can and either reply ourselves or give you a more appropriate person or organisation to contact.

CERA has been in existence since 1975, looking at things that affect the lives of local residents and giving them a concerted voice, both in suggesting and discussing improvements to Eltham Town Centre and its environs and resisting proposals that may spoil the area.


New Cycle Routes

Explore Avery Hill Park's new cycling routes on a guided bike ride led by the London Cycling Campaign. The 45-minute rides start and end at Eltham Farmers' Market at Passey Place on Sunday 20 October 2013. They will be mostly flat and traffic free routes, perfect for families and beginners. They will start on the hour, every hour, from 10am to 1pm. To take part email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 020 8921 5100, specifying what ride you would like to join and providing the name, address and age of all participants. A maximum of 15 people can take part in each ride. You will be able to join in on the day if there is space available. As well as the cycle rides, there will be lots of other things to do including: - A special Eltham Farmers Market celebrating the 6th anniversary of the market featuring new stalls, special promotions and musical entertainment. - Dr Bike to provide bike maintenance and to help you learn how to fix your bike yourself. - The Greener Greenwich stand where you can get lots of information including how you can save money on your energy bills through the Big London Energy Switch and how to sign up for cycle training.



We rely for income on subscriptions and donations from members. The subscription is only £3.00 per calendar year, for one family at one address. We particularly welcome those members who want to volunteer to be more actively involved in the running of CERA. We have an Executive Committee and we also try to find a person in each street to act as Street Representative for that road so each member can receive information and has a local person to contact if necessary.


Wanted - Your Ideas and Suggestions:

CERA is keen for its members to raise matters that concern them, to write articles about local life that could interest readers of our website or newsletter, and to give their views in surveys and questionnaires that it publishes from time to time. Here are some examples of things that often promote discussion. They are among the important subjects that we tackle and we depend on you giving us your views and concerns to enable us to shape our policy in coming years.

Shopping: Does Eltham have the right shops for you or do you have to go elsewhere, including postal or internet shopping? What other shops or services would you like here?

The town centre: What, if any, improvements would you like to see?

Public transport: Are you able to visit all your regular destinations by bus or rail? If not, what changes or improvements would you like to see?

Parks and open spaces: Do you use those near the town centre? If not, is there some improvement that would attract you to them?

Traffic and parking: Are you satisfied with the improvements that have been made over recent years e.g. Controlled Parking Zones? Can you suggest any other changes to help relieve congestion without putting people off coming here? Our last AGM included a useful information plus question & answer session and we have been working to find some meaningful and practical solutions for the whole area.  For the future, we propose to distribute another of our door-to-questionnaires on this important subject but please don’t wait - now is the time to let us have your views and ideas so we can look at them.


On any of the above issues, this is your opportunity to tell us how you feel about the situation as it is now, and whether you would like to see any improvements.


Details of how you can submit articles or suggestions are set out on the 'Contact Us' page.