CERA has been in existence since 1975, looking at things that affect the lives of local residents and giving them a concerted voice, both in suggesting and discussing improvements to Eltham Town Centre and its environs and resisting proposals that may spoil the area.


New Cycle Routes

Explore Avery Hill Park's new cycling routes on a guided bike ride led by the London Cycling Campaign. The 45-minute rides start and end at Eltham Farmers' Market at Passey Place on Sunday 20 October 2013. They will be mostly flat and traffic free routes, perfect for families and beginners. They will start on the hour, every hour, from 10am to 1pm. To take part email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 020 8921 5100, specifying what ride you would like to join and providing the name, address and age of all participants. A maximum of 15 people can take part in each ride. You will be able to join in on the day if there is space available. As well as the cycle rides, there will be lots of other things to do including: - A special Eltham Farmers Market celebrating the 6th anniversary of the market featuring new stalls, special promotions and musical entertainment. - Dr Bike to provide bike maintenance and to help you learn how to fix your bike yourself. - The Greener Greenwich stand where you can get lots of information including how you can save money on your energy bills through the Big London Energy Switch and how to sign up for cycle training.



We rely for income on subscriptions and donations from members. The subscription is only £3.00 per calendar year, for one family at one address. We particularly welcome those members who want to volunteer to be more actively involved in the running of CERA. We have an Executive Committee and we also try to find a person in each street to act as Street Representative for that road so each member can receive information and has a local person to contact if necessary.


Wanted - Your Ideas and Suggestions:

CERA is keen for its members to raise matters that concern them, to write articles about local life that could interest readers of our website or newsletter, and to give their views in surveys and questionnaires that it publishes from time to time. Here are some examples of things that often promote discussion. They are among the important subjects that we tackle and we depend on you giving us your views and concerns to enable us to shape our policy in coming years.

Shopping: Does Eltham have the right shops for you or do you have to go elsewhere, including postal or internet shopping? What other shops or services would you like here?

The town centre: What, if any, improvements would you like to see?

Public transport: Are you able to visit all your regular destinations by bus or rail? If not, what changes or improvements would you like to see?

Parks and open spaces: Do you use those near the town centre? If not, is there some improvement that would attract you to them?

Traffic and parking: Are you satisfied with the improvements that have been made over recent years e.g. Controlled Parking Zones? Can you suggest any other changes to help relieve congestion without putting people off coming here? Our last AGM included a useful information plus question & answer session and we have been working to find some meaningful and practical solutions for the whole area.  For the future, we propose to distribute another of our door-to-questionnaires on this important subject but please don’t wait - now is the time to let us have your views and ideas so we can look at them.


On any of the above issues, this is your opportunity to tell us how you feel about the situation as it is now, and whether you would like to see any improvements.


Details of how you can submit articles or suggestions are set out on the 'Contact Us' page.